I’m sitting here, drinking my coffee on January, 2 2021 asking myself if anyone still reads blogs? Everything is insta and snappy these days. Most people tend to read 140 characters and call it a day.

Will anyone even read these?

It started on a whim when I looked up free blogging sites this morning. I clicked on “WordPress” and tried to make an account, only to find out I already had one. I had forgotten about this site I created what seems like a million years ago. Upon opening I was brought back to a time when this person I used to know was a still mostly a stay at home mom, was still married, still working for others and had something to share. There was a magazine I tried and gave up on, this site and a design site I was going to start and never did.

I’m reading through all of these posts wondering who this person was who wrote them. I vaguely remember her. She seems to have an opinion and a purpose though a little spiteful with an air of optimism that is trying to peak through. I look through the photos and wonder how she was able to do that so well. She seems to be standing up for others and yet I don’t quite see her standing up for herself. I no longer know this person, but this person used to be me. In the time it has been since I last opened this blog and last wrote down words, I’ve lived another 5 lifetimes. I feel that it will be a bit therapeutic but no… more so a required path I must take and continue to write on this blog. I have to. Before the memories fade away.

I will be told not to post any of this to my business page. To make a new page and separate business from my life. However, since the majority of my business life has been wrapped around so much of how my personal life has panned out, I must have some sort of common ground to build upon. I will be creating a separate blog that will be something of recollection of my life but as a warning, it will be a deep sea of f*cked up.

As a new start to the new year, I will be devoting time to my creative side and allowing myself to relax more. In my rambling musings, I hope that it may help others in their journeys if anything to help them see that they are not alone.